Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interview Day

Well had a nice sleep in this morn till 11 then got up and ready to go to interview.  Got offered the job straight off the bat but have told Nate that I'm unsure of what I will do (stay and work or travel around).  So I will let him know in the next day or so.  Also had an interview lined up for a liftie position but decided to skip that and gave my slot to a German girl who wanted and interview but wasn't sure if she would get one.  Talking to her this afternoon it sounds like she got the job so thats cool for her and has made me feel quite good. (Thanks Rosa for suggesting I go up anyway and let them know what I'm doing).

So now I'm trying to get in touch with friends so I can bail from here in next day or so and go traveling around a bit.   Might check out travel agent here or just jump the bus to Calgary  and take it from there.

So what this space, who knows what will happen next = )

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