Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new Day

A new day so a new post.  Had a great sleep but still woke up tired and very weak / hungry.  Showered, packed and checked out.  Got some fruit from 711 4 brekkie.  Been trying to open a bank acvc but don't have enough info so will have to wait.  Same goes for the mobile if i wanna get a contract which is cheaper then i need to have a bank account open AH!!  So now I'm just hanging by the waterfront.  Killing time till the bus leaves.


Well I killed some time alright, ended up getting lost in Stanley Park and nearly thought I was gonna miss the bus but luckily I made it. However my legs are still hurting several days later.

Strange / Cool stuff I saw in the park was squirrels, Racoons, Beluga Whales, A seagull trying to swallow a starfish whole (didn't look like fun).  Heard this weird loud speaker coming from the city somewhere telling people to disperse the area or be arrested.

Eventually found bus to town, then grabbed a taxi to the bus.  Exhausted but I made it.  Got told by someone on the bus that they saw someone OD in the street near bus station!! Get me out of here!!

Bus ride was ok, met a nice guy called Garrett, second half of trip I had a spare seat next to me which was sweet so i managed to get some sleep.

Now I'm in Golden waiting for the next bus in one hour.  It's dark and cold, starting to feel like winter now. = )

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