Sunday, October 24, 2010


Well I'm in canada now but haven't put anything on here yet so i'm a bit behind already AH!!! oh well here goes.

So i left Auckland on Thursday the 21st.  Got stung $75 dollars by air nz for my bag being overweight even though it had sporting equipment in it. Apparently it has to be in seperate bags, pretty stupid if you ask me but oh well live and learn.  They even weighed my carry on when going through customs which i haven't had before luckily i got through with my 8.5kgs. 

The flight was good, the nice lady at the counter where i paid overweight fee hooked me up with the emergency exit row and blocked the other seat so i had a spare one next too me. Flight was nowhere near full so was good.

Landed slightly agead of time and made my way through customs with no problems. Talked to a couple of aussie guys the next day who said they got pulled aside and interegated. Dodgey Aussies, haha. 

Getting to town on the train was easy, it was clean and had good clear messages about  where we were / going not like the muffled announcements you get on the Sydney trains.  However I did overshot my stop so had a bit of a walk on my hands to find a hostel.

Arrived in a ball of sweat, got a room (got my own room which was a bit pricey but I didn't sleep on the train so wanted to sleep well tonight).  After I showered I went out for a look around.

Managed to get my SIN (tax) number and pick up bus ticket which was good.  Towns a bit seedy down by the trains station, lots of homeless people selling stuff on the street.  City seems ok but not the nicest.

So far I have noticed a few differences.  Stop / Go light at traffic lights is a hand and a little man, also there's nothing for the blind people to touch like back home, how do they know when to cross?? Light switches and shower mixers are upside down and power sockets don't have a switch just plug in and go.

After my walk I just came back and basically passed out for the night = ) Sweet Dreams.

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