Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lazy Sunday 14/11

Today is a lazy Sunday.  Slept on the pullout bed last night so was awoken at 0700 by the chirping of Alice's Love Birds.  I put away the bed and make a cup of tea, the birds are going mental so I retreat upstairs to get a bit of peace.  PT is up and about so we hang and catch up.  He is asking about Whakatane so we google it and I show him a few pics.  Patty joins us soon after, then PT is off on the morning run to Tim Ho's for coffee and a breakfast sandwich for Pat.  Al and Alice pull up in the driveway so I head down to see whats happening.  I walk in at the right time and Alice kindly makes me a tomato and egg muffin, yum.  It is another good day, just a slight breeze.  We decide to drive into town to check out the farmers market.  It is a pretty sweet set up, they have a huge warehouse type building filled with stalls.  Not so busy today as it is only the second Sunday it has been on but is still good for a look.  I end up taking some organic soap to take home.  Hope it is ok goig through customs.  Al and Alice get some smoked cheese and bread which is mmmmmmmmmm good.  We wonder around the waterfront and end up at a pub for a quick drink.  Then it is back to the car via the rooftop of the farmers market as Al notices some people up there.  There is a sweet balcony set up and some windmills which are fair cranking and sound like they are about to take off.

On the drive back we stop at Alice's Dads place to help stack some firewood but Alice notices her mums bike there so isn't keen to go in anymore so we head back to the cove to chill out for a bit.  Then it is back to Alices Dads house.  Looks like mum has gone now so we head in.  The wood has been stacked by now so Alice rakes up some leaves so she doesn't feel so guilty.  I meet Robert (Alices Dad) and Reuban, Krista's crazy dag.  He is all paws as he leaps around the house.  Robert shows me his 3D camera, only one on the market which is pretty cool.  After a cup of tea we head up to the park for some frizbee.

There are some crazy dog people there trying to teach their dogs to do an obstacle course.  None of them are very good.  Back to the house to make a plan.  We are all pretty vague but end rushing to the LC and supermarket as they close at 1700 and 1800 on Sunday which I find a bit weird.  Then back to Herring Cove for some beers and nachos followed by some veiwing of the tv, all good.  Slowly people disappear off to bed and eventually I do the same.  Over and Out.

Cape Split 13/11

Arise the sun is out and it is another beautiful day.  Downstairs to check out the haps for the day.  Alice has to work today, bummer for her.  Al is keen for a mission as it is such a nice day.  So after we take Beau for a walk at the redoubt we head off in the car towards the Annapolis Valley on the other side of the province.  The valley is super fertile and this is where a lot of the local produce is grown.  A quick stop at Tim Ho's to grab a snack then it is up a hill where we stop at a look out to check the map and look at the view, pretty awesome.  Looking down over the valley and my first glimpse of the Bay of Fundy.  Home to the biggest tides in the world.  This was evident as we drove across the valley,  seeing the huge tidal flats.  After checking the map it is confirmed that we are on the right track so we get back on the road and head for Cape Split.  As we drive around the bay it is a beautiful sight, not a breath of wind on the water and not a cloud in the sky.  Al mentions that sailing here is not an option due to the high tidal flow.

After about a 2 - 3 hour drive we arrive at the carpark to see a flock of cars, must be a popular spot.  We grab our gear and consist of much.  I am not exactly dressed for hiking.  Jeans, my new dc's and a hoodie.  Didn't take any outdoor clothes to the cove but I think I will survive.  Down the track we go with me munching on my Tim Ho's sandwich, yum.  There is a sign at the beginning of the trail saying that we should be wearing hunting orange so we can be seen as it is hunting season.  Of course we don't have any but hopefully we wont get shot.  The trail soon turns into nothing, it is not very well sign posted but Alex comes across the trail so we are looking good.  the lower section of the trail is very wet, pretty much has a stream running down it.  We both do our best to hop over the wet spots using logs and side tracks where possible.  When we get to the beginning of the ridge which would lead us up to the cape thankfully the track dries out as we get onto higher ground.  "Shouldn't be too long from here," Al remarks.  If he remembers correctly it should be about 40 minutes each way, he doesn't remember correctly.  The walk along the ridge seems to go forever but finally we breal out of the bush to find a steep rockface overlooking the bay.  Sweet we have arrived, continuing on a short way we arrive at the end of the cape to an amazing sight.  An open grass field, surronded by cliffs, overlooking the bay.  We estimate it took nearly two hours, so much for the 40 mintue estimate but I am not complaining it is well worth the hike.

We passed maybe 20 people on the trail so we thought we might have the place to ourselves, but no.  There is at least another 20 people hanging out on the grass.  Most of them have dogs.  A popular spot.  So we take a look around being careful not to fall off the cliffs.  There is a couple of grass topped pillars further out.  We wonder if anyone has been up there as it looks like there is a firepit on one of them.  As we sit we hear some rocks falling and promtly move away from that spot.  Looking down to the water we can see the tide working.  Looks like a decent current pushing around the point.  Water is bubbling and we can see standing waves.  I notice a jacket and a plastic bag on the grass with no one around.  Bit of an ominous sign, hope they haven't fallen off the cliff or anything.  Walking around is someone with one of those disgusting little dogs wearing a jacket that looks more like a rat.  "I fucken hate those rat dogs," I whisper to Al.  Later he told me that it wasn't really a whisper and is pretty sure they heard me.  Oh well they shouldn't have such a stupid looking dog.

After relaxing and taking in the view we make our move back down the trail.  I take note of the time to determine the length of the walk.  So back we walk along the ridge and back down into the bog.  Al comments on the trees which have bark stripped from them in certain places.  Apparently the Porcupines climb trees and eat the bark, so watch out if you see one in a tree, you don't want it falling on your head!!  We stick to what we think is the trail but after walking past what is familiar ground we start getting into some serious swamp.  It is starting to get dark now, we can see the sun setting through the trees.  We come across a path that leads towards the coast so we head down there.  We are led down past a cabin and then luckily come out back into the carpark, another half an hour and it would not have been so much fun.  Checking the time it has taken about 1.5 hours.  Back in the car and we hit the rode back to Halifax.  Al doesn't like these single lane highways.  I tell him to look forward to driving in NZ because we have plenty of those.  Another pit stop at Tim Ho's then back to the cove, via the NSLC to grab some beers.

We are stuffed.  It is hockey night so we put the game on and order a donair pizza, yum.  Then we both proceed to pass out.  Goodnight.

Back to Halifax 12/11

Awake again, another good sleep, think I am ready to head back to Halifax for some action.  It was a bit cooler overnight due to the clear skies.  Today is another beautiful day, the best i have had here so far, but I have got my bags packed and am headed for the bus.  I am glad to report that with the aid of the rope I found yesterday the walk to the bus is a lot easier with my suitcase in tow rather than having to be carried.  I stay awake this time so that I can check out the confederation bridge.  It certainly is a big one!!  it was opened in 1997 and for a while was the longest.  I wonder if the Sweeden - Denmark bridge now holds that title.  Before crossing the bridge I notice a sign 'All trucks carrying potatoesmust report to the potato inspection office', funny.  Potatoes are big bussiness out here, guess they want to keep them at a high standard.  Then it is through the toll gate and across the bridge.  Like I said, it is a big one.  The rest of the trip is pretty standard and we arrive back in Halifax just before 1pm, about a 4 hour flight.

I decided on the bus that I should be able to find my way back to Jans on foot, so with my suitcase in tow I head off up the hill towards the Citadel.  Easy enough, I continue past the skate park and through the commons to the corner of Robie and Cunnard Street.  This was my undoing.  I would later find that it is a quick stroll up Cunnard St, left onto Windsor St then right onto Ducan and home.  however in my wisdom I walked down Robie for a few blocks and then turned left and continued to get lost.  I crossed Windsor St but by now it was all over.  I did see a church which i recognized so I thought I was doing ok, must have been on Windsor St.  I arrive at a Sobeys supermarket, ok now I am lost.  What to do, ask someone for directions maybe.  I was about to head into a shop when i decided to back track to Robie St, familiar ground.  I got back to where I had gone a stray, there is a gas station here which is usually a good place to ask for directions so in I walk with my suitcase in tow.  I asked a girl behind the counter, she doesn't know where Duncan St is but the customer next to me pipes up and trys to work it out in her head.  Thankfully they pull out a map and tell me where to go.  So I head back to Cunnard and Robie St and well, you know the rest.

Strolling down Duncan St, suitcase trailing behind me, clank, clank, clank.  One of the wheels has taken a hit so it has a flat spot now.  The golf is parked on the road so Jan and Sarah must be home. "Honey, I'm home".  Arriving back I find Jan and Sarah napping.  I find out that Sarah has just arrived back from Ottawa, visiting her friend and godson.  Jan ended up staying in Halifax and getting some work done, so together they are heading off this afternoon down the coast to stay at a cottage they are renting near Peggy's Cove.  If I remember correctly we were at a cottage near Peggy's Cove last weekend which was free..........  Maybe this one has a hot tub or something awesome.  So we catch up about each others weeks and soon they are out the door.  I called Jan's brother Alex before they left as i have run out of credit and he is coming to pick me up after work and taking me out to stay at the cove, very nice.

Before long Alex arrives and we are off.  Going to pick up one of Alex's mates Neil before swinging past the shops for some supplies and then out to the cove.  Al is abit confused trying to get to Neils.  He lives in an apartment building and they all look the same around here.  We get there in the end and continue on.  back at the cove we start getting into some drinks and food.  Alice and a few of her friends are here aswell.  Pt and Patty are chilling upstairs, we make a pitstop upstairs to say hello.  Soon it is down to Pete's Retreat to cut some wood for the fire, soon realising that we didn't bring any drinks down (rookie mistake) so Neil and I head up to the house for supplies while Krista and Al get the fire going. 

The fire is cranking now and we have our drinks, time for some darts.  A game of around the world.  They have these sweet cups with little blackboards on them which you scratch your name into, awesome.  Before long we are all on our way to happy town and are joined by Alice and her friends.  We fry up some chicken on the fire top which Neil / D-Bag nearly spills all over himself when the handle on the fry pan braks.  Al and I jump up to save the chicken and push Neil aside.  At the end of the night Neil has been obducted by his girlfriend who appraently is not very social.  We call Jan to see what is happening out at the cottage.  Not much by the sound of it and there isn't even a hot tub!!

Al and I head over to the shore for a mission and end up walking to the Joe Cracker monument, a pile of rocks on a high spot along the shore.  Joe Cracker rescued a bunch of sailors from a sinking ship in stormy seas many moons ago in his little row boat.  Now it is back home, the night is done.  I sneak upstairs and into the spare room, goodnight.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Remembrance Day 11/11

No alarm this morning.  The family has left on their vacation.  A mammoth drive across the US to visit family and see some sights, so no breakfast this morning.  I am wide awake at 0900 though due to going to sleep so early the night before.  I head out to check what is on tv and write some of my journal.  I have almost caught up again, was getting a bit behind there.  Nothing of value on tv.  There is not really many channels as most of them seem to be showing the same thing, stupid tv.  I manage to find something mildly entertaining and semi watch as I write.  Yes I have caught up to today now I am feeling hungry so I get my gear on and head out the door.  It is the nicest day so far.  There is some sun coming through the clouds, enough for me to put my sunglasses on.  However there is still a cool breeze.  My plan was to go to the supermarket to grab some stuff for breakfast / lunch but I realized this morning that there may not be much open today as it is remembrance day (like ANZAC day).  Surprise, surprise the supermarket is closed.  So I head across the road to Tim Hortons for a breakfast sandwich combo.  I get my cup of tea and wait, then I am told there's no hash browns, would I like a muffin or doughnut instead? I take a muffin.  As I head out and start eating my sandwich I decide to bag the muffin, that can be a snack for later, oh yea.

So today I am going to walk along the Bayside Coastal Walk, which is a nice board walked path along the shoreline leading away from the town.  The sign says that it is 6.5km long.  As I make my way away from the town I see a kayak rental shop which looks like it is well closed up for the season.  A little further around I spot a random exercise machine so I jump on to do some reps.  I set up my camera for a self portrait, when I look back the camera has fallen onto the concrete, uh oh.  Seems to be working fine, lucky it is a tough cam!!  Further along there is another machine, must be some kind of fitness course which is a pretty cool set up.  After a bit more walking the path comes to an end.  I don't think it has been 6.5km.  Looks like they haven't finished building the path.  Oh well I am not going to let that stop me so I walk into the bush.  About 100m in I look down to the beach and it looks like I should be able to walk there, sweet.  I start hoping my way along the rocks.  The soil, sand and rocks here are a rich red colour.  The water has even got a murky red tinge to it.  I weave my way through the fallen trees and soon come across a long rope which looks quite new, attached to a couple of floats.  It must have washed up during a storm or something.  This could be just what I need for a lead on my suitcase, sweet.  So I cut off a few meters and throw the rest up into the tree to keep it out of the water.

I continue along and start seeing more floats which have washed up, all different colours.  Eventually after rock hoping my way along I come to a clearing.  OH SHIT, I've startled something that was sleeping in rocks.  I turn to protect my face and it flys away with a loud squawk!!  Phew it was just a canada goose and was more startled then me, all good.  Now I come to a paddock and then an empty campground (another sign that this is very much a summer place).  Something smells foul here.  I can't tell where it is coming from but it smells like something died.  It could be blowing across from the woods or maybe is a smelly toilet in the campground.  Oh well, I am hungry so time for my muffin and a drink.  As I sit and enjoy the sunshine another lone walker passes by. It is 0615 in New Zealand now so I try to send a text to Rosa but it wont go through.  I have got a signal, maybe i have run out of credit.  I ring rogers and as I expected I have 7 cents left, great.  Texting in this country is a joke!  Not only do you have to pay to send a text but you have to pay to receive them as well.  Crazy upside down land!!  So now I probably wont be able to receive texts until I top up, bullshit!!  Oh well, time to make a move.

I keep heading away from Summerside but before long I find my path along the shore is washed out so I decide to turn around.  Good thing to as when I start walking back I soon find that the tide is coming in so my easy walk along the beach turns into a scramble over trees and a race against the tide.  A couple of times I try to go into the bush but it is not any easier.  These crazy pine trees have small branches pointing in every direction that are just begging to poke my eyes out, so its back to the waterline.  Eventually I am past the worst of the tree obstacles and the high water, phew.  Along a little way further and I am back to the end of the boardwalk, sweet.  I cruise along the boardwalk and back into town.

A quick stop at Circle K to check what time the bus leaves.  Either 0840 or 1500, but if I get the afternoon bus there is a three hour wait in Moncton. 0840 it is, which is good for me as I will be able to do some stuff when I get back to Halifax.  Time for my daily stop at Wendys, YUM!  Back to the house to watch another movie on the i pod then I have a bath.  I am pretty much over this bath situation.  It was nice the first couple of times but I am keen for a shower.  Baths are nice for a relaxing soak but they really suck for washing ones self in, especially if you are tall like me.

Hungry again so I wonder back to town and I am not too proud to say back to Wendys.  At least it still tastes good!! Oh well, it is cheap and it the closest place to where I am staying.  Probably wont be much takeaways when I get back to Halifax with my master chef, Jan

Back to the house and there is three girls in the living room.  A passing hello as I disappear into my room.  I head back out to the living room to see what is on tv.  The boy I met this morning (I think he is a boarder) is watching tv.  The girls are sitting around the fire and talking in french I think.  The boy asks me what I am writing about.  Just about my holiday and stuff I tell him.
"Boring day?"
"No, it was was nice," I state.
He proceeds to tell me how boring his day was, no shops open so he ended up driving to somewhere random with a friend.  I feel like telling him that life is what you make of it but I don't feel like proving my point, so I let it slide.  Mind you I don't think I would want to live here, doesn't seem like a hell of a lot to do in the off season.  I would probably have a boat or motorbike or something though so that would be fun.

Bloody hell my pen has run out.  Back to the room to get a spare.  Well that is about the guts of it for today.  I have got my bags packed with my new lead attached to the suitcase.  Alarm is set, ready for the 0840 bus.  Now I guess I will watch another movie on the i pod than have another nice big sleep. Bye for now.

Beginning of the walk (conveniently next to Wendys)

Doing some reps along the trail

The end of the boardwalk, into the bush we go.

Having some fun with a tree

A view along the shore

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Windy and Cloudy 10/11

Beep, Beep, my alarm goes off again.  Must be time for breakfast.  i head out to the dinning room and this morning I have some company.  Two guys from the Czech Republic who are biking the Confederation Trail.  They must be the ones who nearly ran me down last night as I was walking up the driveway back from dinner. We chat and one of them mentions he is going to NZ for a biking trip next February.  I tell him to call in to the Park Cafe in Marahau if he can as there is a lot of Czech's hanging out there.  So after breakfast I retreat back to my room for some more reading and writing.  I am getting to the crux of my book now and it is pretty interesting.  Ant is nearing Milford Sound which sadly turns out to be where is trip is undone.  His upturned kayak is found after a rescue effort was launched upon receiving a distress call from Ant.  Sadly his body is never found.  His wife Vicky talks about how she deals with the grief and I find I am unable to put the book down until I finish it.  WOW, what an inspirational man he was, and women she is!!  Really is and eye opener about life and offers an insight to the drive that he had to complete this journey.  I think he could have done it too if only all the little things that went wrong didn't.

Ok, hungry again so I make my now daily pilgrimage to Wendy's and I'm loving it!!  Weather is a little better today, still cloudy and windy but no rain.  So I decide to take a longer walk down the Confederation Trail.  I head into the bush and it is a nice walk once I find a trail that leads away from the houses etc.  I am looking out for wildlife but all I spot is a Woodpecker working on a tree.  Thanks to my sweet camouflage jacket I can get pretty close to take some pics.

I head back to the house and watch another movie on the i pod and then head out again for some dinner.  I walk a little further tonight as it is not raining and end up at a pub to grab a feed and a beer.  The food isn't anything special but again it fills the gap so I am happy.  Back to the house.  I have finished my book now so I write some more in my journal and then watch a movie.  I am too lazy to run a bath tonight so I flag it.

On a trip to the toilet I hear the tv going and it sounds like an actual tv program, not just music.  Damn, how did they get it working?!  Maybe the christians are not so crazy after all, will have to check it out tomorrow.  For now it is back to the movie.  My i pod runs flat and it is still not very late but I decide to just roll over and drift off to sleep.

I awake during the night as usual for a toilet break and decide to investigate the tv situation.  I find that it does work but there are not a lot of channels and many of them are double ups.  Oh well better than nothing, I can watch something tomorrow.  Now it is back to bed.

Having some fun on the Confederation Trail

Testing out my camouflage jacket.  Where did he go!!

Woody Wood Pecker, looking for some grubs.

A Day in The Rain 09/11

Alarm goes off it is 0845.  I wouldn't usually set an alarm when there is not much going on but I don't want to miss out on breakfast.  Last night when I was in the bath I was a bit down about there not being much to do here, but thanks to the power of positive thinking I have seen the bright side.

A - This is somewhere I have never been before.
B - I can have a nice relaxing few days, read my book and catch up on my journal entries.
C - Because there is not much to do here I wont spend a lot of money and so I should have more cash to go snowboarding!!
D - I got a discount on the accommodation so again less money spent = more snowboarding.

Anyways back to this morning, I walk into the dining room where there is not much happening yet.  I say hello to a lady (who I think is one of the sisters) and child, they give me a wry smile.  Ok then, back to my room.  Play a quick game of roller coaster on my phone and then check the dining room again.  This time I see a place set for me. "We are ready when you are," the hostess informs me.
"Sweet as," I reply.
I am unsure of her name as I don't recall her giving it to me.  I think it might be Laura as that is what is printed on some business cards I have seen lying around the house.  Anyways I take a seat and start on the fruit bowl, she brings out tea and oj then asks if I would like cereal. "Yes please," I reply.  I want to get my moneys worth out of this breakfast.
"We are making boiled eggs this morning, would you like one or two?" she asks.
"Two please," Gotta get my moneys worth.  Has been years since I have had boiled eggs, should be nice (and it is).  Nice soft centers and homemade bread on the side, yum!  So as I eat my eggs the hostess chats with me.  From the conversation I find out that the kids are not hers, she just babysits.  Sounds like they get pretty busy during summer time and get some other useless information like where they are going on vacation.  " Thanks for breakfast, it was great," I stated.
"You are welcome," the customary reply.

I disappear back to my room.  The weather is pretty crappy today, windy and raining.  I am quietly happy about this as it makes me feel ok about not doing much today.  So I fill in some of my journal and read some of my book.  I am actually surprised at how quickly I seem to be getting through it.  Guess that is what happens when you find a book you like.  After a while I start feeling a bit sleepy again so I roll over and take a nap.  Pretty stressful day so far, haha. 

So after about an hour I arise and am feeling hungry so I make my move into town in the still pouring rain, Wendy's again and it is mmmmmm good.  I need some cash so I swing by an atm before heading back to the farm.  I find the beginning of the confederation trail.  This is the old railway line that was taken out of commission in the 50's or 60's and turned into a biking / walking trail.  It stretches across the island and is about 400km long.  Similar to the  rail trail in central Otago.  I walk along the trail until the rain starts to bug me where I pull out and find my b and b.  Later I realize a private entrance I went past was actually the b and b.  Good to know for future reference.  Back at the b and b I decide to see whats on tv.  There is satellite tv here but I can't get any channels working, just music, music, music.  Crazy christians, oh well good thing I have got my i pod.  So I retreat to my room and watch a movie on my i pod and have a couple of beers.  Then it is dinner time.

I head down the road in the rain again to find some food.  All you can eat chinesse buffet sounds good.  Nothing special but it fills the gap.  Back to the b and b for a bath, then into bed. Movie and sleep.

Willowgreen Farm B and B

The beginning of the Confederation Trail in Summerside in the rain

Walking along the Confederation Trail.

Away to Prince Edward Island 08/11

Beep, Beep.  Its 0500 when the alarm goes off this morning, early start today.  I am catching a bus to Prince Edward Island at 0715 and Jan and Sarah need to be at a tyre shop at 0700 so they can hopefully get winter tyres fitted a.s.a.p and hit the road to, somewhere.  Not sure where they are going, not even sure if they know yet.  I reluctantly get up and pack my stuff away, boil some water for tea and eat some cereal.  Jan and Sarah arise, they get packed and we throw some stuff in the car and head into town.  The mood is a bit calmer again this morning but still not quite back to normal.  A quick stop at the boat club so I can print out my ticket and then they drop me off at the bus station. 
"Bye guys I hope you have a good week."

I board the bus, traveling with Acadian Bus Services today.  As I take my seat i notice how much nicer it is than the Greyhound buses.  More leg room, comfier chair (which tilts back further) and even power outlets you can plug into.  Bus driver takes our tickets and we hit the road.  Its not long before I drift off to sleep, still pretty tired.  After a while I pull my laundry bag out to use as a pillow.  Good heavens it stinks!!  Must be the damp, sweaty clothes from paddling on the weekend.  Oh well it will have to do.  I turn my nose away from the bag and fall back to sleep.  When we arrive in Amherst where I have to change buses, I notice that there is someone sitting behind me.  Hope the bag didn't stink too bad for her.  This time I get the three seats at the back of the bus and decide to use my sleeping bag as a pillow which smells ten million times better and then its back to sleep.  I awake to find that we have crossed the confederation bridge and are now on the island, perhaps I will pay attention now.  Not a whole lot to see, pretty flat with a lot of farms etc.

We arrive in Summerside and I jump off the bus.  I was kind of hoping there  might be an info center or something nearby but I can't see anything so I wander into the gas station and ask where Bishop St is.  They look at me funny, "Bushop St."
They can't understand my crazy accent.  "Bishop St, B-I-S-H-O-P."
They don't know so the nice man looks at a map with me and points it out.  Great I have gone past it about 1km back. "Thank you."  So I start hauling my gear back down the street.  My salvation army suitcase has wheels but no lead, I will have to sort that out.  Finally I make it to Bishop St and see the sign for Willowgreen Farm B and B, Success!!  It is a nice looking homestead set back from the road and on a small block of land.  I make my way to the door, ring the bell and am eventually greeted by the hostess.
"So the dog wasn't barking at shadows, sorry we king of ignore him sometimes. Come on it."  She gives me the run down on the place and explains that they are actually leaving for vacation early on Thursday morning.  She had arranged for a friend to look after the place but she pulled out at the last minute.  So her grandma will be minding the house.  Grandma lives next door.  This means that there will not be a full breakfast on thursday / friday morning so I will be getting a discount on the room, fine by me.
"Please make yourself at home, there is satellite tv in here," she mentions.
 She shows me my room and then takes my money.  Time to settle in.  The room is nice with a double bed and my own bathroom.  Will have to watch my head going into the bathroom though, the door is a little low.  The decor in the room is particularly nice, pink ceiling and joinery with blue / pink wallpaper, lovely.  As I look around I notice an abundance of christian type literature on the walls and an open bible on my bedside table, think they might be christians or something, I better be on my best behaviour.  I organize my junk and then gear up for a walk into town to see what is on offer.

The answer is not much.  There are plenty of fast food outlets but nothing really in the way of tourism.  Nothing that is open anyway.  The only info center I see is boarded up, guess they are closed for the season.  No bike rental, not even a sports shop, bummer.  Guess I am gonna be stuck on foot for this trip.  I do find a boarded walkway which goes along the shoreline so I plan to walk that one day.  Well then guess I will head back and read my book or something.  I swing past the liquor store and grab an 8 pack of Keiths, weird they do 8 packs in Canada not 6 packs.  Then I stop in at Wendy's to grab some dinner.  I have not eaten any junk food since being in Halifax with master chef Jan so it is actually pretty good.  Then it is back to Willowgreen.

I am feeling pretty dirty so it is time for a wash.  There is no shower in the bathroom so I run a bath.  All good, can't remember the last time I had a bath (probably years ago).  Of course the bath is not big enough to fit my whole body in so I take turns of altering my body position.  There is a couple of candles in here so being a typical male I start playing with them, spilling wax all over the place.  Once I have turned sufficiently into a prune I wash myself down and exit into the bedroom.  Write some journal, read some book and then drift off to sleep.

Acadian Bus Services, YOU ROCK!!

Checking out the scene on Prince Edward Island

A house with a lighthouse, convenient.

Watch you head!!