Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cleaning at St Mary's

Another day in Halifax.  Sarah is off to work, last day before her vacation begins so she is pretty happy about that.  Jan and I are off to the boat club to help out with pre winter cleaning.  Mainly bringing the zodiac and its mooring off the water as well as cleaning them.  It is a nice day here, the clouds are breaking and the sun is starting to shine through but it is still very fresh.

So I lend a hand where needed but try not to get too dirty or sold.  We find some pretty crazy creatures living on the mooring line and in the boat plus a shit tonne of muscles.  Sweet we have done our part so we head off on a wee mission to retrieve a couple of kayaks from Gregs place at Shad Bay.  This is yet another beautiful spot about 30km's south of Halifax.  Gregg is away but we grab the kayaks and get to meet his wife Courtney and the three dogs who are very happy to met us and get some attention.  On the move again to drop off the kayaks at Prospect Bay and have a look around.  This is where Sarahs family cottage is, beautiful spot of course.  We will be back here this weekend as Jan and Sarah are kindly loaning their house in town to Sarahs cousins who are coming to town to visit family.

The tide is super low and I start collecting some old pottery that is lying in the pools, part of an old clay pipe and some blue glass from the old milk bottles.  Will take this stuff home for Rosa, I think she will dig it.  Back to town now and we are feeling the hunger, but first we need some gas.  Jan has left his debit card in his other jacket again, classic.  All good buddy I got you covered.  Back to the house for a Jan special lunch, mmmmmmmmmmm good.

Jan has to head back out for a bit so I decide to chill and eventually fall asleep, nap time!!  This evening we are off to Herring Cove for a feed.  patty is cooking roast beef.  We are a bit late arriving, they have already eaten but we hoe in to it and it tastes great!!  I ate some ice cream earlier though which was a rookie mistake, it is not settling right but I still manage to fit another meal in, now I am stuffed!!  Bit of a chat and then back to town and off to bed.  Another day done, time to sleep.

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