Sunday, November 21, 2010

Windy and Cloudy 10/11

Beep, Beep, my alarm goes off again.  Must be time for breakfast.  i head out to the dinning room and this morning I have some company.  Two guys from the Czech Republic who are biking the Confederation Trail.  They must be the ones who nearly ran me down last night as I was walking up the driveway back from dinner. We chat and one of them mentions he is going to NZ for a biking trip next February.  I tell him to call in to the Park Cafe in Marahau if he can as there is a lot of Czech's hanging out there.  So after breakfast I retreat back to my room for some more reading and writing.  I am getting to the crux of my book now and it is pretty interesting.  Ant is nearing Milford Sound which sadly turns out to be where is trip is undone.  His upturned kayak is found after a rescue effort was launched upon receiving a distress call from Ant.  Sadly his body is never found.  His wife Vicky talks about how she deals with the grief and I find I am unable to put the book down until I finish it.  WOW, what an inspirational man he was, and women she is!!  Really is and eye opener about life and offers an insight to the drive that he had to complete this journey.  I think he could have done it too if only all the little things that went wrong didn't.

Ok, hungry again so I make my now daily pilgrimage to Wendy's and I'm loving it!!  Weather is a little better today, still cloudy and windy but no rain.  So I decide to take a longer walk down the Confederation Trail.  I head into the bush and it is a nice walk once I find a trail that leads away from the houses etc.  I am looking out for wildlife but all I spot is a Woodpecker working on a tree.  Thanks to my sweet camouflage jacket I can get pretty close to take some pics.

I head back to the house and watch another movie on the i pod and then head out again for some dinner.  I walk a little further tonight as it is not raining and end up at a pub to grab a feed and a beer.  The food isn't anything special but again it fills the gap so I am happy.  Back to the house.  I have finished my book now so I write some more in my journal and then watch a movie.  I am too lazy to run a bath tonight so I flag it.

On a trip to the toilet I hear the tv going and it sounds like an actual tv program, not just music.  Damn, how did they get it working?!  Maybe the christians are not so crazy after all, will have to check it out tomorrow.  For now it is back to the movie.  My i pod runs flat and it is still not very late but I decide to just roll over and drift off to sleep.

I awake during the night as usual for a toilet break and decide to investigate the tv situation.  I find that it does work but there are not a lot of channels and many of them are double ups.  Oh well better than nothing, I can watch something tomorrow.  Now it is back to bed.

Having some fun on the Confederation Trail

Testing out my camouflage jacket.  Where did he go!!

Woody Wood Pecker, looking for some grubs.

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