Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lazy Sunday 14/11

Today is a lazy Sunday.  Slept on the pullout bed last night so was awoken at 0700 by the chirping of Alice's Love Birds.  I put away the bed and make a cup of tea, the birds are going mental so I retreat upstairs to get a bit of peace.  PT is up and about so we hang and catch up.  He is asking about Whakatane so we google it and I show him a few pics.  Patty joins us soon after, then PT is off on the morning run to Tim Ho's for coffee and a breakfast sandwich for Pat.  Al and Alice pull up in the driveway so I head down to see whats happening.  I walk in at the right time and Alice kindly makes me a tomato and egg muffin, yum.  It is another good day, just a slight breeze.  We decide to drive into town to check out the farmers market.  It is a pretty sweet set up, they have a huge warehouse type building filled with stalls.  Not so busy today as it is only the second Sunday it has been on but is still good for a look.  I end up taking some organic soap to take home.  Hope it is ok goig through customs.  Al and Alice get some smoked cheese and bread which is mmmmmmmmmm good.  We wonder around the waterfront and end up at a pub for a quick drink.  Then it is back to the car via the rooftop of the farmers market as Al notices some people up there.  There is a sweet balcony set up and some windmills which are fair cranking and sound like they are about to take off.

On the drive back we stop at Alice's Dads place to help stack some firewood but Alice notices her mums bike there so isn't keen to go in anymore so we head back to the cove to chill out for a bit.  Then it is back to Alices Dads house.  Looks like mum has gone now so we head in.  The wood has been stacked by now so Alice rakes up some leaves so she doesn't feel so guilty.  I meet Robert (Alices Dad) and Reuban, Krista's crazy dag.  He is all paws as he leaps around the house.  Robert shows me his 3D camera, only one on the market which is pretty cool.  After a cup of tea we head up to the park for some frizbee.

There are some crazy dog people there trying to teach their dogs to do an obstacle course.  None of them are very good.  Back to the house to make a plan.  We are all pretty vague but end rushing to the LC and supermarket as they close at 1700 and 1800 on Sunday which I find a bit weird.  Then back to Herring Cove for some beers and nachos followed by some veiwing of the tv, all good.  Slowly people disappear off to bed and eventually I do the same.  Over and Out.

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