Monday, November 22, 2010

Remembrance Day 11/11

No alarm this morning.  The family has left on their vacation.  A mammoth drive across the US to visit family and see some sights, so no breakfast this morning.  I am wide awake at 0900 though due to going to sleep so early the night before.  I head out to check what is on tv and write some of my journal.  I have almost caught up again, was getting a bit behind there.  Nothing of value on tv.  There is not really many channels as most of them seem to be showing the same thing, stupid tv.  I manage to find something mildly entertaining and semi watch as I write.  Yes I have caught up to today now I am feeling hungry so I get my gear on and head out the door.  It is the nicest day so far.  There is some sun coming through the clouds, enough for me to put my sunglasses on.  However there is still a cool breeze.  My plan was to go to the supermarket to grab some stuff for breakfast / lunch but I realized this morning that there may not be much open today as it is remembrance day (like ANZAC day).  Surprise, surprise the supermarket is closed.  So I head across the road to Tim Hortons for a breakfast sandwich combo.  I get my cup of tea and wait, then I am told there's no hash browns, would I like a muffin or doughnut instead? I take a muffin.  As I head out and start eating my sandwich I decide to bag the muffin, that can be a snack for later, oh yea.

So today I am going to walk along the Bayside Coastal Walk, which is a nice board walked path along the shoreline leading away from the town.  The sign says that it is 6.5km long.  As I make my way away from the town I see a kayak rental shop which looks like it is well closed up for the season.  A little further around I spot a random exercise machine so I jump on to do some reps.  I set up my camera for a self portrait, when I look back the camera has fallen onto the concrete, uh oh.  Seems to be working fine, lucky it is a tough cam!!  Further along there is another machine, must be some kind of fitness course which is a pretty cool set up.  After a bit more walking the path comes to an end.  I don't think it has been 6.5km.  Looks like they haven't finished building the path.  Oh well I am not going to let that stop me so I walk into the bush.  About 100m in I look down to the beach and it looks like I should be able to walk there, sweet.  I start hoping my way along the rocks.  The soil, sand and rocks here are a rich red colour.  The water has even got a murky red tinge to it.  I weave my way through the fallen trees and soon come across a long rope which looks quite new, attached to a couple of floats.  It must have washed up during a storm or something.  This could be just what I need for a lead on my suitcase, sweet.  So I cut off a few meters and throw the rest up into the tree to keep it out of the water.

I continue along and start seeing more floats which have washed up, all different colours.  Eventually after rock hoping my way along I come to a clearing.  OH SHIT, I've startled something that was sleeping in rocks.  I turn to protect my face and it flys away with a loud squawk!!  Phew it was just a canada goose and was more startled then me, all good.  Now I come to a paddock and then an empty campground (another sign that this is very much a summer place).  Something smells foul here.  I can't tell where it is coming from but it smells like something died.  It could be blowing across from the woods or maybe is a smelly toilet in the campground.  Oh well, I am hungry so time for my muffin and a drink.  As I sit and enjoy the sunshine another lone walker passes by. It is 0615 in New Zealand now so I try to send a text to Rosa but it wont go through.  I have got a signal, maybe i have run out of credit.  I ring rogers and as I expected I have 7 cents left, great.  Texting in this country is a joke!  Not only do you have to pay to send a text but you have to pay to receive them as well.  Crazy upside down land!!  So now I probably wont be able to receive texts until I top up, bullshit!!  Oh well, time to make a move.

I keep heading away from Summerside but before long I find my path along the shore is washed out so I decide to turn around.  Good thing to as when I start walking back I soon find that the tide is coming in so my easy walk along the beach turns into a scramble over trees and a race against the tide.  A couple of times I try to go into the bush but it is not any easier.  These crazy pine trees have small branches pointing in every direction that are just begging to poke my eyes out, so its back to the waterline.  Eventually I am past the worst of the tree obstacles and the high water, phew.  Along a little way further and I am back to the end of the boardwalk, sweet.  I cruise along the boardwalk and back into town.

A quick stop at Circle K to check what time the bus leaves.  Either 0840 or 1500, but if I get the afternoon bus there is a three hour wait in Moncton. 0840 it is, which is good for me as I will be able to do some stuff when I get back to Halifax.  Time for my daily stop at Wendys, YUM!  Back to the house to watch another movie on the i pod then I have a bath.  I am pretty much over this bath situation.  It was nice the first couple of times but I am keen for a shower.  Baths are nice for a relaxing soak but they really suck for washing ones self in, especially if you are tall like me.

Hungry again so I wonder back to town and I am not too proud to say back to Wendys.  At least it still tastes good!! Oh well, it is cheap and it the closest place to where I am staying.  Probably wont be much takeaways when I get back to Halifax with my master chef, Jan

Back to the house and there is three girls in the living room.  A passing hello as I disappear into my room.  I head back out to the living room to see what is on tv.  The boy I met this morning (I think he is a boarder) is watching tv.  The girls are sitting around the fire and talking in french I think.  The boy asks me what I am writing about.  Just about my holiday and stuff I tell him.
"Boring day?"
"No, it was was nice," I state.
He proceeds to tell me how boring his day was, no shops open so he ended up driving to somewhere random with a friend.  I feel like telling him that life is what you make of it but I don't feel like proving my point, so I let it slide.  Mind you I don't think I would want to live here, doesn't seem like a hell of a lot to do in the off season.  I would probably have a boat or motorbike or something though so that would be fun.

Bloody hell my pen has run out.  Back to the room to get a spare.  Well that is about the guts of it for today.  I have got my bags packed with my new lead attached to the suitcase.  Alarm is set, ready for the 0840 bus.  Now I guess I will watch another movie on the i pod than have another nice big sleep. Bye for now.

Beginning of the walk (conveniently next to Wendys)

Doing some reps along the trail

The end of the boardwalk, into the bush we go.

Having some fun with a tree

A view along the shore

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