Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too Much Cheese 04/11

It is our last day staying in town before we head out to the cottage.  Sarah has an appointment to get her tooth pulled out which is good. After she leaves for her dentist appointment we get ourselves together and head out on a mission.  First stop is the bank for Jan so he can sort out his debit card which doesn't seem to be working.  He talks to the teller and then gives it a test.  Happy days the machine pushes out some dollars for him.  Now it is off to the Dalplex ( the recreation center for the local universities).  Here we meet Heather who runs the outdoor program here.  Jan does some work here sometimes and needs to give Heather his details so that he can get paid!!  After a quick chat about life we continue on and make our way to Pleasant Point for a walk through the park.

On the way Jan gets a phone call about the interview he had on Monday.  Unfortunately it is not good news, he missed out on the contract.  The job went to a girl who has just moved here from New Brunswick who had the same job out there.  Later he hears that it was kind of treated as an interdepartmental transfer.  This is a bit annoying as he time a lot of time and energy into the interview process but never really stood a chance, shit house.  So after a bit of stewing we talk about it for a while.  It sounds like they have him in mind for some other upcoming projects so that is positive,  and he also has all his other bits going on so it is chin up, regroup and move forward from here.

By now we are making our way through the park which is very nice.  On the other side we find the beginning of the port and a barge which appears to be dredging the area.  So we walk back up through the park and into town.  Now we stop at Henry's House for a celebratory drink (for not getting the job).  It is time for another taste of Canada, 'The Caesar'.  Clam flavoured tomato juice with vodka and spices.  Tastes ok, very spicy, similar to a Bloody Mary.  We are feeling the hunger as well so we get a plate of nachos which are also very spicy and covered in cheese.  By the end of this endeavor I struggle through the last of my caesar then we head off.  Walking down the street we are both feeling the affects from all those spices and our stomachs are churning.  I start burping and get a taste of caesear every time, not the best coming back up.

We stop at the passport office for Jan but alas we are ten minutes too late.  Back on the waewae and we head through the public gardens and check out the grumpy geese.  Then cut through a graveyard to visit Alexander Keith's (from the beer) grave site.  Looks like he was a popular man and did a lot for the city, not just make beer.  Jan says that there is usually empty beers cans here from people paying tribute, but sadly we don't have any to offer.  A short walk from here and we are back home to find Sarah with one less tooth and sounding much happier.

Time for a bit of relaxation then we head into town 4 a drink and dinner at The Loose Cannon Pub. Chicken wings are on special, sounds good but then we are told that they have run out.  Not even 9pm, useless.  So I get a plate of potato skins which are covered in cheese.  Sarah gets the same and Jan just regular fries.  This was not a good move, this is way too much cheese.  Can not finish it, none of us can.  Stomach is still churning, feeling hungry but not for this crap. 

Time to head home, no one wants to drive so I take charge.  After a couple of semi dodgy moves we make it home safely.  I grab an apple to eat and it taste like heaven after all that melted cheese.  We watch some Flight Of The Concords, Sarah heads to bed, Jan falls asleep on the couch and eventually makes his move to bed and not too long after I do the same.  Sweet dreams.

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