Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day in The Rain 09/11

Alarm goes off it is 0845.  I wouldn't usually set an alarm when there is not much going on but I don't want to miss out on breakfast.  Last night when I was in the bath I was a bit down about there not being much to do here, but thanks to the power of positive thinking I have seen the bright side.

A - This is somewhere I have never been before.
B - I can have a nice relaxing few days, read my book and catch up on my journal entries.
C - Because there is not much to do here I wont spend a lot of money and so I should have more cash to go snowboarding!!
D - I got a discount on the accommodation so again less money spent = more snowboarding.

Anyways back to this morning, I walk into the dining room where there is not much happening yet.  I say hello to a lady (who I think is one of the sisters) and child, they give me a wry smile.  Ok then, back to my room.  Play a quick game of roller coaster on my phone and then check the dining room again.  This time I see a place set for me. "We are ready when you are," the hostess informs me.
"Sweet as," I reply.
I am unsure of her name as I don't recall her giving it to me.  I think it might be Laura as that is what is printed on some business cards I have seen lying around the house.  Anyways I take a seat and start on the fruit bowl, she brings out tea and oj then asks if I would like cereal. "Yes please," I reply.  I want to get my moneys worth out of this breakfast.
"We are making boiled eggs this morning, would you like one or two?" she asks.
"Two please," Gotta get my moneys worth.  Has been years since I have had boiled eggs, should be nice (and it is).  Nice soft centers and homemade bread on the side, yum!  So as I eat my eggs the hostess chats with me.  From the conversation I find out that the kids are not hers, she just babysits.  Sounds like they get pretty busy during summer time and get some other useless information like where they are going on vacation.  " Thanks for breakfast, it was great," I stated.
"You are welcome," the customary reply.

I disappear back to my room.  The weather is pretty crappy today, windy and raining.  I am quietly happy about this as it makes me feel ok about not doing much today.  So I fill in some of my journal and read some of my book.  I am actually surprised at how quickly I seem to be getting through it.  Guess that is what happens when you find a book you like.  After a while I start feeling a bit sleepy again so I roll over and take a nap.  Pretty stressful day so far, haha. 

So after about an hour I arise and am feeling hungry so I make my move into town in the still pouring rain, Wendy's again and it is mmmmmm good.  I need some cash so I swing by an atm before heading back to the farm.  I find the beginning of the confederation trail.  This is the old railway line that was taken out of commission in the 50's or 60's and turned into a biking / walking trail.  It stretches across the island and is about 400km long.  Similar to the  rail trail in central Otago.  I walk along the trail until the rain starts to bug me where I pull out and find my b and b.  Later I realize a private entrance I went past was actually the b and b.  Good to know for future reference.  Back at the b and b I decide to see whats on tv.  There is satellite tv here but I can't get any channels working, just music, music, music.  Crazy christians, oh well good thing I have got my i pod.  So I retreat to my room and watch a movie on my i pod and have a couple of beers.  Then it is dinner time.

I head down the road in the rain again to find some food.  All you can eat chinesse buffet sounds good.  Nothing special but it fills the gap.  Back to the b and b for a bath, then into bed. Movie and sleep.

Willowgreen Farm B and B

The beginning of the Confederation Trail in Summerside in the rain

Walking along the Confederation Trail.

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