Saturday, November 6, 2010

On the road again

Awoke the next morning to Jan touching my foot.  Its way to early but we have to hit the road as I was to join him on a 3 day high school camp that he is helping out with.  So after a quick shower and throwing some clothes in a bag (I seriously need to do some washing).  We hit the roas and met up with the group and we are off to Kejimkujuk National Park (Keji for short) for canoeing and mountain biking.

So after another couple of hours in the U haul cube truck we have arrived.  What a beautiful place.  Just what I imagined the outdoors of Canada to look like.  Plus Autumn colours are out, very picturesque.  Actually reminds me of Norway, little fishing villages  dotted around Halifax and houses look similar too.  Weathers not great though, fog, rain and thunder are in the forecast but who cares!!  I'm hanging with my buddy Jan and loving it.

So a few activities for the kids after lunch and some organization of camp.  Dinner was cooked for me.  I'm loving this.  Great dinner, maybe the best I've had in Canada.  Very simple but it is a welcome change after basically a week of eating crap (besides the spag I made in Fernie).  Oh yea had my first taste of TIm Hortons this morning on he way to the park.  A very popular chain store who makes sandwiches, bakery stuff etc, very nice.  So now we are just chilling, looking forward to a longer sleep and hopefully get out, in the canoes tomorrow.  Bring it on!!  That evening the kids had a couple of initiative exercises, veryinteresting to watch the dynamics of a high school group.  They can get pretty personal when they want too.  Then some music and its off to bed.

Goodnight Jan

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