Saturday, November 6, 2010

Checking out Downtown Halifax

Arise it is morning again, only 1000, Jan is still asleep, best I go back to bed.  Arise, now I have had too much sleep and am feeling overtired.  Oh well.  Had some crazy dreams.  One where I was going snowboarding in Japan but I could not walk properly then another where I was at some crazy music festival.  So what to do today.  Jan tells me that he has been up earlier and done most of the work he needs to do today, then dropped off Sarah at work and went back to bed.  What a champion!!

So what should we do?  We have a few errands to run so that is probably a good place to start.  First we are off to Isley to cash in the petrol receipts from last week.  We arrive just as they are about to break for lunch so we wonder around a bit while Kevin finishes his class.  Walked in to the canteen and saw one of the boys from the camping trip so I went and said hello.  Walked out of the canteen and then was confronted by a staff member.
"Can I help you?"
"No, I am just waiting to speak to Kevin when he finished his class."
"Does he know you are here?"
"He will once he finishes his class, I was on the camp with him last week."
I walked off and saw Jan again then we went and talked to Kevin, then bailed.  Later I realized that the teacher who confronted me had probably thought I was trying to sell drugs to the kids or something, funny. 

So from here we hit The Trail Shop.  This is an outdoor shop in town and is one of Jans places of work.  They have some sweet gear in here and Malcolm says he can hook me up with some sweet deals on the Extra Sport branded gear if I am interested. Yes I am, I think to myself.  So I am eying up a sweet paddle jacket and maybe a PFD.  Jan just got a call from Sarah, she has a dental appointment in one hour so we have to make a move and go pick her up.  All good lets get moving.  Sarah has a wisdom tooth coming through which is causing her some pain so she needs to get it sorted.  We get dropped off at the house and gear up for a mission downtown.

So we head off, through the commons and around the Citadel (old historic fort).  We stop on the hill for a look and Jan tells me there is a by-law stating that the view of the harbour from this hill can not be blocked by any buildings, never know when you will need to fire off one of those cannons. That is sweet.  We head down around the waterfront, towards the Nautical Museum.  on the way we see Thomas Tugboat.  This is a working tugboat which is designed after a childrens television show here in Halifax Harbour.  It has the cartoon face, basball cap and all, awesome.

Into the museum to find that it is free if we come back at 1730.  Sounds like a plan, maybe Sarah will want to come too.  So we head home via the supermarket, bacon wrapped scallops are on the menu.  I am not a huge fan of shellfish but it sounds good, and it was!!  At the checkout and Jan has left his debit card in his other jacket, all good I got this covered.  Back home for another wicked feed and then we are off to the museum for free.  Sadly Sarah doesn't join us as she has too much work to do after leaving early to go to the dentist.

The museum was very cool.  They had a lot of cool models and artifacts, even a beautiful Rainbow Macaw named Merlin.  Merlin even says 'hello' to us.  There was also a talk happening about the Panama Canal but we skip it to try and see as much of the museum as we can.  Still we do not have enough time and get kicked out before we get all the way through.  Oh well it was free after all.

Now back home again, Jans playing the guitar, Sarah is looking for an all inclusive trip for them to go on next week as she has vacation and I am writing in here.  Well that is all he wrote.

Over and out.

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