Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Day In Keji

Arise, its Friday, heading back to Halifax today.  This morning I helped set up a course for the kids to use GPS and compasses to find the gear to make their breakfast, a good idea I thought.  My group completed the task first, was it too easy I prefer to think they were just awesome!! So pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Still not to keen on these crazy cake like pancakes, much prefer how my beautiful Miss Rosa lakes them, more like crepes.

Packed up and head back to town.  Oh yea I saw a Woodpecker getting into a tree this morning, pretty cool.  Son once we got back to town we picked up some Keiths for the evening, then went back to the school and dumped all the gear and made our way to Herring Cove.

This is where Jans family home is.  Currently residing here is Peter (Jans Dad), Patty (Peters partner), Alex (Jans youngest brother), Alice (Alexs High School sweetheart), Body and Bailey (the family dogs).  I had heard many storied of PT and the boat shed so was looking forward to the encounter.  When we walked up the driveway we found Bo sleeping.  He took a bit of waking as he is going deaf but once he was up and going he was very happy to see Jan and to meet me.  So up the stairs and in to the house where we find Pt at the breakfast bar.  He greets us with open arms and offers us a beer.  Seems like a nice guy.  Patty joins us after her shower, they seem like a really nice couple.  A quick trip to drop off the U Haul and then back to the house.

Herring Cove is set in an amazing area.  The Atlantic Ocean is a short stroll up the hill and across the road.  But the section itself runs down the lake front where you will find Pete's Retreat (The Boat Shed).  Halifax has many of these lakes dotted around the city limits, most of which are connected by river systems.  They are not huge but big enough to have some fun on.  We could hear the rapids were running on the other side of the lake so we canoed across for a look.  Jan has a nice little wave over there, only a grade 2 - 3 but says there has been some good times on kayaks, canoes and inner tubes (particularly with beers in hand).  Maybe we'll get on it one day.  Back to the boat shed while looking for any logs we can burn on the fire tonight. 

The yard is a bit wet at the moment due to high amounts of rain.  Apparently the summer was very dry, but not anymore.  Back up to the house and we farewell Pt and Patty for now as we are heading back in to town for a shower and change of clothes.  A quick trip in to a pub so Jan can show his face at a colleagues retirement part.  Sink a beer and then its back to Herring Cove.

Now I get to meet Jans brothers, Alex 25 and Christian 32.  Also there is Alice and her sister Krista. 
"Nice to meet you are you hungry? There's a steak over there for you."
"Yes please I am starving."
After a feed we head down to the shed for some beers and tunes.  Gregg, a friend of Jans has also joined us.  So we drink and talk the night away with a few safety briefings in between.  Before long Christian is passed out with beer in hand and a crazy head nod going on.  Looks like he'll have a sore neck in the morning.  Apparently this is known as "Shed Buddha", and he does seem to be meditating in his own special way.  Jan drops a fresh track about Shed Buddha, funny stuff.  After some fried peperoni we head back to the house.  By now Jan and myself too are in a state of meditation.

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  1. Hey bro, so I just worked out where to look for new posts - duh! So have been catching up on your travels. Sounds like the camping trip was amazing! Looking forward to some pics.
    Had an exciting day here looking at outdoor furniture and lawnmowers ;)