Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Mystery at Peggy's Cove 07/11

I was awoken this morning by cluttering in the kitchen but then there was silence so I drift back off to sleep.  I got a much longer, nicer sleep tonight.  When I get up I find Jan watching tv.
"Morning, where is Sarah?" I ask.
"She has gone with her father to get their new puppy, she wont be back till 3 or 4," Jan replies.
"Fair enough," I respond.
 We watch tv, drink some tea and eat a bagel then get motivated to do something with the day. 

First stop is into Herring Cove for a catch up.  We chat with PT, Patty and Al about life, give the dogs a quick pat and then head off towards Peggy's Cove.  It is supposed to be a nice spot with a cool old lighthouse etc, but we are stopped at the turn off by the police.  Looks like they are not letting anyone in due to the search operation which is in progress.  Still trying to find the man who was washed off the rocks, very sad.  So we head back up the coast a little ways and walk out to a lookout that Jan knows of. 
"This is where Gregg and Courtney got married," he mentions.
What an awesome spot for a wedding.  We stand and look out along the coast, we can see the village and lighthouse at Peggy's Cove.  The sea has calmed slightly but the wind is up again today.  Can't help but think about the poor guy who was swept out to sea.  Doesn't seem like you would last long in the water out there, not good.  We walk back to the car and start heading back to the cottage.

On the way we stop and check out a tidal flow that we noticed was pumping on the way through.  Pumping alright!!  It is only a tidal estuary but with all the rain we have been having and the tide being out it would be totally runable.  There is a standing wave maybe 2m high and a wave train about 100m long. 
"I have never seen it like this before," Jan states.
"There is a good run a bit higher up that will be going off!!, Where can we get some boats?"
Back in the car and around the bay to call in at Gregg's place.

After a couple of minutes of banging on the door he pokes his head out.
"Dude, check this out."  I show him the pictures I have just taken.
"Probably only last another hour until the tide comes in," Jan says.
"Yea you are right but I bet the upper section is going off!!" Gregg confirms.
But sadly we don't really have time to run it, have to get back and start making dinner.We go inside for a chat and meet his crazy dogs again.  One of them is pretty full on and jumps up at you pretty hard.  Last visit I was told to give her the knee.  She comes at me so I give her a solid knee which puts her on the floor.  She doesn't bother me again.  So we have a chat and nibble on some left overs.  Gregg does up a little number so we head out to the gear shed.  But alas the padlock is old and shit so he can not get it open.  Luckily only half the roof has been put on so he grabs a ladder and we climb in.  Climbing out was a bit more challenging but I made it.  My shoulder id certainly not at full strength yet.  We check out Greggs chicken coop (very cool) and he gives us an egg to take home.
"Can't get any better than that, straight from the chicken's bum," Gregg laughs.
We wave him off and head back to the cottage.

Sarah arrives a short time after and she is not happy.
"I need to get out of here! I am going crazy, I feel like I have just wasted four days of my vacation," She states.
Jan and I think that is pretty harsh.  She got her tooth pulled one day which is a good thing and hanging out here is really nice we thought.  I could happily chill here for a week and I am sure Jan could too. Maybe it is because she has just been in a car for 8 hours to go pick up a dog (which no one forced her to do).  So sadly the mood was quite tense tonight, not a lot was said.  I helped Jan with dinner, Surf n Turf salad with prawns, chicken and bacon bits plus chicken nibbles on the side.  Then watched some tv to pass the time until bed.

An ominous sign at the turn off to Peggy's Cove

Jan hitting the trail

Looking out over the Atlantic

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