Saturday, November 6, 2010

Off To The Mall

So Sarah arrived home last night.  Unfortunately it was a late pick up as she missed her connecting flight.  Today she is off to work and Jan has to prepare  for an important interview.  Me, I'm off to the mall to get a canadian sim card so I can text people back home and have a lifeline incase I get lost or something.  My phone wont work on the Aliant network which apparently is the better one, damn.  Oh well to the Rogers shop I go and happy days we have lift off.  Ok I'm back on the grid, probably shouldn't text home yet as it is like 0500 tomorrow morning.  Time for some eats.  Better try one of these Tim Hortons sandwiches.  So I count out my change in an attempt to get rid of some of it but alas once I order I realize of course they don't include tax in the advertised price, pretty annoying, so I have to pull out a note.  But it works out well in the end as I use some of the change to buy a poppy from the war vets and the rest to get on the bus back to Jans place.

So the sandwich is good, now I understand why they are so popular.  I send a text message to Rosa and I get a reply.  Hurrah mission accomplished.  A quick look around the mall and then on the bus back to Jans.  I remembered where to get off the bus but then manage to walk in the wrong direction.  Good thing I got a sim card as I might have to text Jan for directions.  Back to where I got off the bus and I stroll in the other direction to quickly find that this is the right way and I am home in no time.  Jan arrives home shortly after me, says the interview went well, lets go on a misson!!

We head out to the York Redoubt for a look but find the caretaker is locking the gates.
"We are on winter hours now." He says.
But when we get back in the car and look at the time we see he is about 15 minutes early locking up, it is only 1645.  Guess he wants to get home for a cup of tea, it is pretty mild out.  So off to another spot to scope it out (an old church) then we head up to Pt and Patty's place who we find still leaning on the counter with drink in hand.
"Setting a fine example for the next generation." He states.
A quick chat here and then they are off to the club so we head off as well and go to check out a beach nearby.

On arrival we find that the road is blocked by some big boulders and it is quite a long walk to the beach from here and it is too cold for that.  So we head to the Secret Beach a little further up the road and is a much shorter walk to this one.  Another beautiful spot.  Back to town and we spot Pt and Patty heading back from the club.

Home for dinner, left overs with a twist are one the menu and it is mmmmmmmm good.  Now time to relax.  Early night is on the cards.  I arrange a skype session with mum and dad, nice to talk to them and then it is more or less off to bed.

Happy days.

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