Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moving To Prospoect 05/11

Good morning, it is moving day! We are off to the cottage.  After breakfast and packing my bags, Jan and I do a run out to the cottage with some gear.  Sarah is staying back to do what some might call an excessive amount of cleaning, but she wants to be a good hostess.  Her 2 and a half year old nephew is coming to stay with his parents of course.  Hope she does not spray too many toxic cleaners around for the little guy.

We swing past the trail shop which turns into the minimum half hour visit and grab a kayak for Jan, strap it on to the Golf and we are off.  Another stop at the passport office, this time when it is open and Jan a new one.  Some damn kids stole his stuff out of the golf in broad daylight while he was parked at a school while working.

30 minutes south of Halifax we arrive at Prospect Bay.  Off with the kayaks, a quick safety briefing and a look around and then it is back in to town.  It is a bit stormy here today but it is nice to see it in a different mood (it was sunny the day before last).  So back into town to check on and collect Sarah and the rest of the gear.  Throw it all in and then back to prospect.  This time via the mall so Jan and Sarah can check out the flight center to try and organize a vacation for them next week.  Sarah is keen on an all inclusive trip to somewhere warm for the week.  I was thinking of joining them but am now thinking it will be cheaper and more logical to go somewhere in Canada, I'm think of Prince Edward Island.  They had hoped it was possible to get a last minute cheap deal somewhere but alas not anymore.  Last week means two weeks away not tomorrow.  The best they can get is more than they can really afford and cheaper than that has only one seat available on flights (maybe I could just go by myself).  But it is not to be so it is back to the drawing board.  We depart and head to the cottage.

We arrive before dark so Jan and I decide to squeeze in a quick paddle in the storm.  My first time in a kayak since busting my AC joint, I hope it doesn't blow out on me.  The water is not warm but Jan being the ever wonderful host lets me use his dry suit while he throws on a wet suit and paddle jacket.  Conditions are not ideal, it is pretty much storming, 20 knots + and 3 - 4m swells on a confused sea, lets do it!! 

We are not going far, just around Redmans Island but it is a slow hard slog into the wind and around the point.  I can't get my rudder into the water, maybe I will ask Jan to flip it for me, but I never get the chance.  Also I have set my peddles to close so my feet are loosing circulation but I do not dare pulling my spray skirt to adjust them.  Makes me think how vulnerable you would be in conditions like this out in the Tasman by yourself, that guy was hard core!!  We make it around the point and begin to head around the island.  Feeling a bit wobbly out here and have to throw out a couple of low braces, I really do not want to tip over out here.  Jan is on my inside now and I soon see why.  I am headed straight for a shoal with waves crashing over it!!  Better change my course, and thankfully get inside before being pounded onto the rock. 

YES, the hard part is now over.  Now we can run with the wind and the waves back to the safer water.  Jan surfs a couple of waves that are curling around the inside of the island, but I am not feeling very comfy in my boat (Necky Elaho) so I try to take a couple of photos.  Too wet and dark, all that comes out is rain drops on the lens and darkness.  Good test for my new camera though.  By now it is starting to get dark so we head back in to the cottage where Sarah is starting to get worried.  But no worries we are back safe and sound.  These dry suits are awesome!! I am not at all cold and am very dry (apart from a little sweat).  I want one!!

After we change it is off to Sarah's brothers house for dinner.  He lives just up the road with his long term partner Amy, there two cats and the recently acquired dog 'Sport'.  So we sit, talk, drink and eat.  They have a nice house overlooking the bay.  I make friends with Sport and Socks (one of the cats).  I try to get a pat with Egg Roll (the other cat) but he is a bit aggressive which I am told is in his nature so we have a play fight instead.

Alex and Alice arrive so we finish our drinks and head back to the cottage, Jeremy and Sport join us too.  More drinks and we start a game of Risk.  It is a military style board game where you try to conquer the world!!  Pretty fun but after a while I pull out so that I can sykpe with Rosa.  It is nice to hear her voice and see her face.  Sadly she has been having a bit of bad luck with having the flu, my van dying on her and getting a ticket when using Zan's car as the registration is a month overdue, bummer.  So it is hard for her to hear about me traveling and having a good time which I can totally understand.  She would rather be here with me and I wish she could be with me too.  So we sign off.

Jeremy has left with Sport and the girls are off to bed so Jan, Alex and I decide to go for a mission, even it is pouring rain outside.  So we wonder down the road, playing drunken fools along the way.  Jan leading the charge as usual with myself close behind.  A quick stop at the wharf where Jan nearly breaks his neck running down a set of slimy steps, but he is ok.  Lets keep going.

Eventually we make it out onto the rocks and down by the water at a place called 'High Head'.  There is some pretty big waves breaking against the rocks and one nearly washes right up to where we are standing.  it is like watching a train wreck or staring into a fire, very hard to look away.  Alex suggests that maybe it is time to head back which is probably a good idea.  So we find our way back to the road and then to the cottage.  We are all soaked, but I am glad to say that my Ronin jacket kept my upper half dry, my jeans however did not preform as well.

Alex and Jan are off to bed but I am not quite ready so I sit up for a while on the computer, eventually putting it down and drifting off to sleep, its 0430. Over and out.

Jan and I about to head out on our adventure.

My attempt at taking a photo on the water.

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