Sunday, November 21, 2010

Away to Prince Edward Island 08/11

Beep, Beep.  Its 0500 when the alarm goes off this morning, early start today.  I am catching a bus to Prince Edward Island at 0715 and Jan and Sarah need to be at a tyre shop at 0700 so they can hopefully get winter tyres fitted a.s.a.p and hit the road to, somewhere.  Not sure where they are going, not even sure if they know yet.  I reluctantly get up and pack my stuff away, boil some water for tea and eat some cereal.  Jan and Sarah arise, they get packed and we throw some stuff in the car and head into town.  The mood is a bit calmer again this morning but still not quite back to normal.  A quick stop at the boat club so I can print out my ticket and then they drop me off at the bus station. 
"Bye guys I hope you have a good week."

I board the bus, traveling with Acadian Bus Services today.  As I take my seat i notice how much nicer it is than the Greyhound buses.  More leg room, comfier chair (which tilts back further) and even power outlets you can plug into.  Bus driver takes our tickets and we hit the road.  Its not long before I drift off to sleep, still pretty tired.  After a while I pull my laundry bag out to use as a pillow.  Good heavens it stinks!!  Must be the damp, sweaty clothes from paddling on the weekend.  Oh well it will have to do.  I turn my nose away from the bag and fall back to sleep.  When we arrive in Amherst where I have to change buses, I notice that there is someone sitting behind me.  Hope the bag didn't stink too bad for her.  This time I get the three seats at the back of the bus and decide to use my sleeping bag as a pillow which smells ten million times better and then its back to sleep.  I awake to find that we have crossed the confederation bridge and are now on the island, perhaps I will pay attention now.  Not a whole lot to see, pretty flat with a lot of farms etc.

We arrive in Summerside and I jump off the bus.  I was kind of hoping there  might be an info center or something nearby but I can't see anything so I wander into the gas station and ask where Bishop St is.  They look at me funny, "Bushop St."
They can't understand my crazy accent.  "Bishop St, B-I-S-H-O-P."
They don't know so the nice man looks at a map with me and points it out.  Great I have gone past it about 1km back. "Thank you."  So I start hauling my gear back down the street.  My salvation army suitcase has wheels but no lead, I will have to sort that out.  Finally I make it to Bishop St and see the sign for Willowgreen Farm B and B, Success!!  It is a nice looking homestead set back from the road and on a small block of land.  I make my way to the door, ring the bell and am eventually greeted by the hostess.
"So the dog wasn't barking at shadows, sorry we king of ignore him sometimes. Come on it."  She gives me the run down on the place and explains that they are actually leaving for vacation early on Thursday morning.  She had arranged for a friend to look after the place but she pulled out at the last minute.  So her grandma will be minding the house.  Grandma lives next door.  This means that there will not be a full breakfast on thursday / friday morning so I will be getting a discount on the room, fine by me.
"Please make yourself at home, there is satellite tv in here," she mentions.
 She shows me my room and then takes my money.  Time to settle in.  The room is nice with a double bed and my own bathroom.  Will have to watch my head going into the bathroom though, the door is a little low.  The decor in the room is particularly nice, pink ceiling and joinery with blue / pink wallpaper, lovely.  As I look around I notice an abundance of christian type literature on the walls and an open bible on my bedside table, think they might be christians or something, I better be on my best behaviour.  I organize my junk and then gear up for a walk into town to see what is on offer.

The answer is not much.  There are plenty of fast food outlets but nothing really in the way of tourism.  Nothing that is open anyway.  The only info center I see is boarded up, guess they are closed for the season.  No bike rental, not even a sports shop, bummer.  Guess I am gonna be stuck on foot for this trip.  I do find a boarded walkway which goes along the shoreline so I plan to walk that one day.  Well then guess I will head back and read my book or something.  I swing past the liquor store and grab an 8 pack of Keiths, weird they do 8 packs in Canada not 6 packs.  Then I stop in at Wendy's to grab some dinner.  I have not eaten any junk food since being in Halifax with master chef Jan so it is actually pretty good.  Then it is back to Willowgreen.

I am feeling pretty dirty so it is time for a wash.  There is no shower in the bathroom so I run a bath.  All good, can't remember the last time I had a bath (probably years ago).  Of course the bath is not big enough to fit my whole body in so I take turns of altering my body position.  There is a couple of candles in here so being a typical male I start playing with them, spilling wax all over the place.  Once I have turned sufficiently into a prune I wash myself down and exit into the bedroom.  Write some journal, read some book and then drift off to sleep.

Acadian Bus Services, YOU ROCK!!

Checking out the scene on Prince Edward Island

A house with a lighthouse, convenient.

Watch you head!!

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