Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Relaxing Day at Last

Good morning its almost 0800 and Jan has to go to work.  Poor guy.I had thought of going with him this morning but it is cold and windy so I use this as a convenient excuse to stay home and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Jan returned home from work and I am still in bed, guess I needed that sleep. He has got a couple of hours to relax and then he is off to another job.  Meanwhile I stay back and do some long overdue washing, have a shower and then proceed to fall asleep again while watching tv, it has been a good day.

Now for the evening.  There is a couple of options but first stop is back to Herring Cove to scope out the scene there.  Alex and Alice are all dressed up and off to a party.  But the party is in Dartmouth and who wants to go there (so they say) so we decide to flag that one and end up having pizza and my first taste from the Donair empire - Donair Egg Rolls.  Basically they are deep friend rolls made from an egg batter filled with meat and onion.  Kind of like a curry roll and they soon fill the gap (prehaps not in a good way). 

So after dinner and a few more drinks we make our move to a more local party in our make shift costumes.  Jan is wearing a sweet denim jacket with the Las Vegas Strip airbrushed on the back and rhinestone lettering. I have got this crazy bird looking mask that Alice had made.  On the skateboards and we are off.  There are some sweet roads around here to bomb.  Nothing too crazy but good rolling hills.  After a stop at the Government Wharf (the gov) we make our way towards the party where we meet a couple of boys (who we had just been on the camp with) wandering the streets.
"Hey, what's happening? Small world aye."
We are informed they had just left a party because a girl had spewed everywhere, nice.  Had a chat and continued on, past where the party is at and to the top of the hill and we are off.  Biggest hill of the night so far, getting some speed up now and I've got the bag on, OH SHIT!  No worries, I draw on my snowboarding skills and cruise past Jan.  Glad i am on the long board though.  Alright good times and no gravel rash.

We walk in to the party, it is a Halloween party of course so we are greeted by Wolverine, Cron and a super lady of some kind.  We stay here for a while but I soon find I have drunken too much beer so my stomach is in knots.  No one wants to join us for a safety briefing and I don't know that Jan is really feeling the vibe that much so we bail, back down another sweet hill and back to the gov for that safety brief.  Then it is back to the house.  One last mission for the night over to the ocean.  Down the secret path (very dark) and out onto the rocks where we find that the moon is dressed up for Halloween too.  It is a brilliant orange colour with the shape of a cats eye, it slowly drifts behind the clouds after I snap a picture.  We sit on the rocks and pass it to the left then it is back to the house and it is time to lay my head.

Over and out.

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