Saturday, November 6, 2010

Arise in Nature

What a great sleep, out in nature!!  Didn't think I would be camping in Canada but here I am.  Awoke to Kevin (the teacher) serenading us with a song, lovely.  Breakfast, pack for the day and we are off.  Mountain Biking first for me which is really nice.  Was a blessing in disguise that I was here as the groups were uneven so it would have meant taking a bike in the canoe or something.  We ride through the bush and along the river bank.  No big hills just a nice winding trail.  About half way through some of the kids are talking about wanting to go to the mall and getting back to cellphone reception, what are you crazy!! This place is awesome, give me the great outdoors any day.  Met the other group (who had been canoeing) for lunch.  Then we switched activities so it was time to hit the water!!

Paddled up stream a little way and practiced some moves across the river before heading back down stream and then into a marsh land.  Seemed like we were paddling over land which was pretty cool.  Also tried some bush cranberries, a bit sour but nice.  Turned around and headed down river again towards camp.  This is exactly how I pictured the great outdoors in Canada.  After a gentle drift downstream and hearing "how much further to camp?" every two minutes we broke into the lake and back into the beach.  A challenge was made by one boat with 3 girls in it to get to the beach first, but Kevin and i soon took care of that with some technically sound paddling and powered into the beach first.  So canoes are fun, bit more practice and I'll be all over it!!

So back to camp and we are going for a swim. The sun has been out today, beautiful weather so better make the most of it.  Swimming in Canada in late October, this trip is full of surprises.  Water was a bit cold but was able to hang out in there for a minute or so.  Feeling clean and fresh now  with a swim and some cleaner clothes on.

Just started writing this when I hear my name being called out. "Bruce there is a Porcupine out here!!" Another first, good times!!

That evening the weather stayed nice so after dinner most of us went out for a short paddle in the moonlight.  It was really beautiful, the stars were out in force and we watched as shooting stars screamed across the night sky.  The only problem was it is hard to get high school kids to shut up and just enjoy the moment, but never mind.  Kevin told us a sweet story about Slap Foot.

Basically many years ago there was a native man who was accused of killing a white man, the penalty for which is death.  So he disappeared in to the bush around where we were camping and could not be caught.  However there was one persistent mounty who continued to track the native man.  One night after returning from town for supplies the native man knew that he was being tracked and was sick of it.  So he doubled round on the mounty, snuck upbehind him and cut both of his archillies tendons so that he could not run after the native man anymore.  So they say that the ghost of this mounty wonders Slap Foot Beach still looking for the native man.  At night you will here the sound of him dragging his feet along the shore.  Cool story and has a lot of true history behind it.  Good way to freak some of the kids out.

So back to camp for more stories, songs and snacks tonight outside and then hit the sack.  As I lay in bed I realize I have only been in Canada for one week.  What a long week it has been, I sure have covered some ground.

Over and out.

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