Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cape Split 13/11

Arise the sun is out and it is another beautiful day.  Downstairs to check out the haps for the day.  Alice has to work today, bummer for her.  Al is keen for a mission as it is such a nice day.  So after we take Beau for a walk at the redoubt we head off in the car towards the Annapolis Valley on the other side of the province.  The valley is super fertile and this is where a lot of the local produce is grown.  A quick stop at Tim Ho's to grab a snack then it is up a hill where we stop at a look out to check the map and look at the view, pretty awesome.  Looking down over the valley and my first glimpse of the Bay of Fundy.  Home to the biggest tides in the world.  This was evident as we drove across the valley,  seeing the huge tidal flats.  After checking the map it is confirmed that we are on the right track so we get back on the road and head for Cape Split.  As we drive around the bay it is a beautiful sight, not a breath of wind on the water and not a cloud in the sky.  Al mentions that sailing here is not an option due to the high tidal flow.

After about a 2 - 3 hour drive we arrive at the carpark to see a flock of cars, must be a popular spot.  We grab our gear and consist of much.  I am not exactly dressed for hiking.  Jeans, my new dc's and a hoodie.  Didn't take any outdoor clothes to the cove but I think I will survive.  Down the track we go with me munching on my Tim Ho's sandwich, yum.  There is a sign at the beginning of the trail saying that we should be wearing hunting orange so we can be seen as it is hunting season.  Of course we don't have any but hopefully we wont get shot.  The trail soon turns into nothing, it is not very well sign posted but Alex comes across the trail so we are looking good.  the lower section of the trail is very wet, pretty much has a stream running down it.  We both do our best to hop over the wet spots using logs and side tracks where possible.  When we get to the beginning of the ridge which would lead us up to the cape thankfully the track dries out as we get onto higher ground.  "Shouldn't be too long from here," Al remarks.  If he remembers correctly it should be about 40 minutes each way, he doesn't remember correctly.  The walk along the ridge seems to go forever but finally we breal out of the bush to find a steep rockface overlooking the bay.  Sweet we have arrived, continuing on a short way we arrive at the end of the cape to an amazing sight.  An open grass field, surronded by cliffs, overlooking the bay.  We estimate it took nearly two hours, so much for the 40 mintue estimate but I am not complaining it is well worth the hike.

We passed maybe 20 people on the trail so we thought we might have the place to ourselves, but no.  There is at least another 20 people hanging out on the grass.  Most of them have dogs.  A popular spot.  So we take a look around being careful not to fall off the cliffs.  There is a couple of grass topped pillars further out.  We wonder if anyone has been up there as it looks like there is a firepit on one of them.  As we sit we hear some rocks falling and promtly move away from that spot.  Looking down to the water we can see the tide working.  Looks like a decent current pushing around the point.  Water is bubbling and we can see standing waves.  I notice a jacket and a plastic bag on the grass with no one around.  Bit of an ominous sign, hope they haven't fallen off the cliff or anything.  Walking around is someone with one of those disgusting little dogs wearing a jacket that looks more like a rat.  "I fucken hate those rat dogs," I whisper to Al.  Later he told me that it wasn't really a whisper and is pretty sure they heard me.  Oh well they shouldn't have such a stupid looking dog.

After relaxing and taking in the view we make our move back down the trail.  I take note of the time to determine the length of the walk.  So back we walk along the ridge and back down into the bog.  Al comments on the trees which have bark stripped from them in certain places.  Apparently the Porcupines climb trees and eat the bark, so watch out if you see one in a tree, you don't want it falling on your head!!  We stick to what we think is the trail but after walking past what is familiar ground we start getting into some serious swamp.  It is starting to get dark now, we can see the sun setting through the trees.  We come across a path that leads towards the coast so we head down there.  We are led down past a cabin and then luckily come out back into the carpark, another half an hour and it would not have been so much fun.  Checking the time it has taken about 1.5 hours.  Back in the car and we hit the rode back to Halifax.  Al doesn't like these single lane highways.  I tell him to look forward to driving in NZ because we have plenty of those.  Another pit stop at Tim Ho's then back to the cove, via the NSLC to grab some beers.

We are stuffed.  It is hockey night so we put the game on and order a donair pizza, yum.  Then we both proceed to pass out.  Goodnight.

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