Saturday, November 6, 2010

Surfng in Halifax

Woke up early this morning to find Bo on the floor next to my bed, went to the toilet and then he jumped on to the bed with me, all good.  Got up at 0900, head downstairs and hello to all.  After a cup of tea we head of towards town. 

On the way we stop at the 'York Redoubt' for a look around.  It is one of the old war forts that you will find around the area.  There has been military stationed here through many battles.  WW1 and 11 I guess being the biggest.  German U Boats used to come in to the area to stir up some shit so the allies so these huge spotlights to see them and some sweet arse cannons to blow them out of the water whenever possible.  Apparently some kids had a rave down here last year so the council has put up fences, bricked in some holes and put up signs to cover themselves if anything falls down on someone.  But we hop easily around the fence for a look.  Pretty cool spot history and scenery wise.  It is right at the harbour entrance with a huge lighthouse on the opposite point.  We see some gannets working but alas no whales are spotted.  So we head back to the car via this sweet old bunker.  Back at the car we find some lady scoping out Jans ride.  She explains it was her friends and that she was a bit worried as she had not seen her friend on the track and thought perhaps she may have been hurt.  So Jan sparks a conversation about being safe and talk of people who have injured themselves on the track.  Jan is good like that always happy to chat to anyone along the way.

So back into town for some breakfast.  'The Greek Diner', eggs, bacon, toast, home fries and tea, just what the doctor ordered.  Apparently there is a strong Greek community in the area and they throw a festival which is the under age drinking event of the year.  Good times. 

After breakfast we had back the the apartment for some relaxation so I start to write, but before long there is a knock at the door, enter Graham a surfing buddy of Jans who is keen to go look for some waves.  Jan takes a bit of convincing but soon enough we are on the mission again.  Not sure if I am too keen to get in the surf but I will put on a smile and see what happens.  I am certainly keen for a mission.  Down to St Mary's Boat Club to jump in the zodiac and we are off, out of the harbour in search of surf.

There is a few breaks around but nothing is exactly pumping.  We eventually find a spot that looks surfable so the boys are in there.  I decide to pike on getting in the water and just man the boat which kinda works out well as there is not really anywhere to park the zodiac.  They get some good rides with me cheering them on and a couple of seals floating around pout the back.  Jan had mentioned to watch out for sharks so when the seals disappear I do wonder if something has spooked them.  Back in the boat and we cruise back around the islands to the boat club with me at the wheel (can't wait to get my own boat).  Back at the boat club and I shake the petrol can, probably lucky we did not go much further as we were pretty much running on fumes.

We load up Grahams Buick Roadmaster which has a sweet wooden side strip and it is back to the apartment, via the supermarket.  We need supplies, dinner for us and candy for the trick or treaters.  Pork is on the menu and you know with Jan that it is going to be amazing.  No surprise, it tastes like heaven. Roast Kumura (sweet potato), mushrooms and onions on the side.  Neither of us can finish our plate.  Prolly all the junk we ate prior to dinner.

Now it is time to carve the pumpkins, bit of a rush job but it is fun and they look pretty cool, they go out on the front step.  Now we wait, Jan is having a nap and I am catching up on this stuff.  Sarah was due back this evening at 1930 but she missed her connecting flight so is stuck in Montreal and wont arrive home until 2310.  So poor Jan can not prep for his interview tomorrow (she has the computer) and he has to wait up to go and collect her from the airport.  Stink buzz.

So I am in charge of handing out the candy to any kids who knock at the door while Jan catches some z's.  Have not seen any killer costumes yet.  I have just been told by some kids to watch out as the pumpkins we carved may get stolen.  Why would you want to steal carved pumpkins?  To smash them I guess.  Oh well so long as they do not smash them on the front step then it is all good.

Over and Out.

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