Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leaving For Halifax

Left Fernie very early this morning at 0130 and headed for Calgary.  This is the only bus once a day.  But strange but it kinda works out ok as it means I can get on a flight to Halifax the same day.  Paid a crazy amount of money for the flight but I am super stoked to see some friendly faces when I arrive.

The bus driver was grumpy asking for tickets when I had been told on the phone that I would just have to pay the driver as there is no outlet in Fernie, just the bus stop.  Greyhound doesn't seem to have good operating systems in place.  Have been told one nightmare story from a girl.  They lost her bags and were very unhelpful in tracking them down.

Oh yea think we just hit an elk so now we are parked on the side of the road waiting for the driver to find it.  He just got back on the bus and was unable to find the beast.  Apparently now he has to fill out some paper work.  Guess they really like their elk over here.

So back to the girl, she got a ride back to Calgary from Fernie as her bags had her passports and everything in them (bit silly i thought to not have that stuff on you, I have my trusty pelican case).   When she got there and still couldn't find them her friend went to the nearest bus station to Fernie and luckily there they were.  So she got back on a bus to Fernie to get them.  Now she's one the bus again headed back to Calgary and then to Sunshine Village as she's decided to take a job there.  Poor girl.

Well I have arrived safely at the airport.  Driving through the city was a bit of a mind trip at 0700 after getting off the bus from the country.  Full on concrete jungle, seems a lot bigger and busier than Vancouver.  Makes me like Vancouver a bit more now.  So now I have five hours to kill before my flight leaves. What to do..................

Well what I did was not much, watched Notorius on my ipod, then checked in, then waited some more, had a little nap and finally got on the plane.  Flight was sweet, had a spare seat next to me and also had individual screens with tv channels which was pretty cool  o T and had to move to get to connecting flight.  Got there just as they were boarding so all good.  A short sharp visit to Toronto and I was in the air again.  Another spare seat and tv so pretty happy with Westjet.  Though it is kinda drawn out when they have to announce things in English and then French.  Oh well. 

So I arrived in Halifax at approx 2300 local time so after nearly 24 hours on the move I had arrived.  Jan walked in as I was waiting for my bags, SO good to see a friendly face!!  Headed back to his place where Sarah was waiting with some lovely cold Keiths (local beer) very nice.  Sat and talked, Jan made me a sweet Bagel and before long it was time for bed.  Time for a long sleep!!

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